Cyber Security


 With over a decade of experience within the Department of Defense, our cyber security experts are ready to assist you in facing the growing threats of the technological world by meeting current and future security requirements. 

Control Systems


Our systems experts can design, integrate & implement your company's control systems; streamlining your business's productivity, efficiency, and safety. 

Communication Systems


  In today's market, businesses require modern communications technologies to stay ahead of the curve. We can deliver best in class solutions that keep your organization competitive, agile, and up to speed. 

Graphic Design


A fresh look and outstanding advertising optimization may be all you need to push your business to the next level. We can help you create an external image that reflects all your business has to offer. 

App & Web Developement


When designing apps and websites, we seek to  reflect modern design trends while maintaining user-friendly functionality. By utilizing these methods we are able to create impressive platforms that are sleek, appealing, and secure.



Here at Sawtooth Systems, we don't just keep up with the latest and greatest - we aim to create it! Partnering with others who share the same passion is what we're all about.